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Koi, Turtles, and the Ideal Move

The Cabrera Family

The Cabrera family is getting ready to move into a new place with more space for the kids


We caught up with them to talk about what it was like.

What do you love most about your current home?

The outside is my favorite part of the house. That’s really what makes it home, to tell you the truth. We built a pond and a creek to bring over the koi we’ve had for over 10 years. Little turtles were born here, too. We bought the house brand new from a developer with the grounds bare, just grass. So we did a lot of landscaping, putting in palms, all that stuff . It’s an experience, living in the middle of the city, and having something like this is quite diff erent.

Are those koi coming with you to the new house?

This time, unfortunately, we’re not taking them with us. They’re just so big. We gave them to my brother who has a very big property with a natural pond. I was the only one who was there when we contracted an exotic fi sh company to come and move them for us. Nobody wanted to cry. We had names for some of these koi, and one in particular would eat from my hand.

What prompted your move?

Well, we have three kids, two boys and a girl. Our two boys were sharing a room. It was getting tough because the 13-year-old didn’t want the 7-year-old around all the time. We thought we could make it work and this would be our last home, but we decided we needed another room. We found a house that was perfect for us. The only problem was, we needed to sell our current home in order to purchase the new one. We didn’t want to carry two mortgages, for a number of fi nancial reasons. We actually put a contract on the new house before we had our own home sold. We thought it wouldn’t happen.

So what did happen?

We went to see the new house for the fi rst time and we met our Compass agent there. From the minute we saw her, we liked her. She took us on a tour and said, this is what you should off er for the house. I loved that because it was exactly the number I was thinking. Then we had her look at our current home and she said she could sell it for us at the price we really wanted. We had other realtors before and none of them told us they could sell it at that price. We couldn’t believe it. It was on the market maybe two weeks, and on a Saturday, she called and said the couple who just saw the house are making an all cash off er. It was all of a sudden, okay, get in moving gear! We were all shocked. It was much faster than we anticipated! We don’t have the new house yet, so we’re going to have to move temporarily into an apartment. Our agent found us the apartment, she found us the home we’re buying, and she sold the home we’re living in. We love her.

Jared Klein