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Twelve Years of Sky

Two Couples Look Back on a Shared Vision, a Deep Friendship, and a Beloved View

Long-time neighbors and friends, the Kaufmans and Navarros have lived in same building since its 2005 completion. Serving on the Board of Directors, John Kaufman and Ed Navarro improved the community they loved. Both couples spoke to us about what they’ll miss and what comes next.

What do you love most about your current home?

Christine Kaufman: The view for sure. Our balconies are huge and part of the living space. And the ambiance of Lauderdale by the Sea. It’s a throwback 50s community that’s done a lot to improve itself while maintaining that charm.

Lee Ann Navarro: I love a single-story floor plan. It’s really functional for daily living.

What has stood out to you about the selling process?

Ed Navarro: We’ve bought and sold houses for years and the experience had not changed. It’s too laborious, too intensive around trying to draw people with no deep understanding of who the buyers are, where they are, what they’re looking for. We kept asking for a marketing plan from our prior realtor and never got one. The minute our Compass Agent sent a marketing plan within two days, we were impressed.

John Kaufman: The selling process previously was lack of communication and a lot of excuses. Already with our Compass Agents, we see a great amount of communication, some real enthusiasm, and innovative ideas.

What are your design influences? How has staging had an impact when preparing to show your home?

CK: We were the original buyers of this apartment and wanted a Contemporary Deco look. We did a fair amount of gold tones, and that is kind of dated at this point, so with our stager we’re repainting to make a more neutral effect. Outside of painting we’re going to remove a rug and a couple pieces of furniture. I am packing boxes as we speak!

LN: We’ve lived all over the world, so our house is a blend of different cultures. We have people who’ve seen our place once and are coming back in a few weeks. Personally I don’t want to kill myself doing what the stager suggests until I know if the people who have seen my home buy it. If they don’t, I’ll proceed to the next level.

How did being involved in the building’s community lead to such a great friendship?

EN: Because we bought pre-construction along with the Kaufmans, we formed a very nice friendship. John has done business globally, so have I. A lot of similarities drew us together. Working together on the Board lends itself to a deeper relationship; we all had a vision, we were all moving towards the same thing, and we’re all working on it together.

Being on the Board of Directors, you’ve played an integral part in improving the community. What’s a highlight?

JK: I saved about $800K over the years I was President of the Board, I got quality work, and there were no assessments to the building. Anyone that buys into the building at this time, there’ll be very little maintenance for the next 10-12 years.

What’s next?

C+JK: We’re moving to a house in a golf and yacht community with a lot of activity. It’s going to be different, but it felt like the right move. We can drive in our golf cart over to whatever’s going on. It’s a different lifestyle, primarily because when we moved here we were one age and now we’re another age. We’ve been here twelve years.

EN: We love the community, we want to be close to the ocean, so that’s got to be part of the equation. For me, I want to move back into a house. I want to go into my backyard and barbecue when I want to barbecue.

LN: We’re Californians by birth right, so ocean’s in our DNA. After 20 years in high rises, Ed wants one more house.

Jared Klein