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TThree Tips for Moving Valuable Art in One Piece

1. Hire a Professional; 
   Leave transport and install to the pros

2.  Proper Care & Equipment; 
    There’s a reason it’s called white-glove service

3.  Check for Insurance; 
     Specific policies cover art for damage, loss or theft

Being in the presence of inspiring art is a singular experience. It speaks to the beholder in manners which often can’t be put into words. Clients purchasing high-end artwork are moved by the pieces in which they invest. When it’s time to physically move a piece to its new home, proper transport is crucial. Professional art movers, like MuseoVault in Downtown Miami, are wellversed in the nuances that come with fine art delivery. They’ll anticipate challenges based on factors like weight, desired installation spot in a home, and the delicate nature of materials already in a space, such as expensive marble floors.

Beyond protecting surfaces, acid-free white gloves ensure better grip of a piece when movers are lifting it. Specialized equipment also includes cranes, pallet jacks, and specific adhesives. Every project presents its own set of site-specific challenges. Installing a 12-foot painting halfway up a curved stairwell? Weight will determine best installation method and scaffolding will be needed to lift the painting into place.

Specific insurance for high-end art differs from standard coverage for furniture and household items. Make sure contracted art movers carry policy riders to protect valuables throughout the transport and installation process. Art Dealers hold large insurance policies for pieces under their care, while third-party professional art movers carry separate policies to cover artwork in transport.

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Jared Klein