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A Place for Everyone

Yitzhak Rivero’s True Passion Lies Beyond the Homes he Flips


Yitzhak Rivero’s vision of home stretches beyond traditional physical comforts. Home means stability, safety, and most importantly, sanctuary. While he flips high-end houses in neighborhoods spanning from Miami Beach to Shenandoah, his life’s work rests in Three Hearts ADT, a collection of group homes he founded as a refuge for mentally challenged adults. Here, his often-marginalized audience has access to invaluable resources. With 6-8 group homes in the South Miami area, every one of Three Hearts’ 100-200 daily client’s special needs are catered to with specific programs crafted to enhance their learning abilities.

Three Hearts employees teach the importance of learning and growing in areas like wellness, safety outside in the community, and currency counting. An on-site supermarket allows adults with special needs to learn how to pick the right foods and bag items if they work at a local market. Mostly, the team provides fun and freedom. Free van transportation shuttles membersto frequent outings which integrate them into the community, promoting acceptance within the mainstream population. We sat down with Yitzhak to go behind the scenes of his passion: developing inclusive spaces that spread love.

Tell us about your journey into creating the perfect living space.

I always thought in order to create the perfect living space you have to surround yourself with pieces you like. Things you love. Once you love them, the love creates a harmony in the space and around you. From there, use the basics of three elements. No more than that. To keep a clean surrounding, I use a palette of three colors. Less is more.

How did you envision Three Hearts’ design aesthetic?

The design we created (for Three Hearts) is inspired by a temple- a place of soul resting, meditation. Place with harmony.


How does traveling and experiencing different cultures inspire your interior design? Is there a signature look/feel you like to feature?

Traveling broadens your horizons in a matter of taste, designs, ideas, movements, ethnicities and art in general. Part of what I’ve observed over the years of traveling has helped me to balance it all. I’d describe our signature look and feel as “Zen Exotic.”

Do you ever become attached to your home after a successful remodel?

All of them, to a degree. Then you realize everything is not forever and you want to move on to new excitement and be able to buy other pieces. One thing that has become a pattern is looking for the right people for the houses we build and put on the market.

At Compass, our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. Can you speak on how this relates to you and your place(s) you’ve lived/created?

think we copy your mission! With Three Hearts we want families and relatives of our clients to have a better fit in the community... for their lives to be filled with love, acceptance, and development on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to our remodeling projects, we want buyers to find the homes we create and put so much love into them, for them to have a perfect future.

What does “Home” mean to you?

Home is really where the heart is; the heart is really wherever you put it at the moment. Home is everyday, at all times.

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