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It’s About That Time

Three Reasons Why you Should List in January


 1. ‘Tis the Season

    Q1 is the busiest time of the market

 2. Winter is Elsewhere

     Fleeing the cold, snowbirds flock to South Florida

3. Second Place is First to Lose

    Well-priced inventory with a head start will move


 Every season has its purpose. Holidays are for quality time with loved ones and some well-deserved relaxation. With January around the corner comes an entirely different season: the time to sell or buy property. It’s a symbolic fresh start for those thinking about pulling the trigger to buy. Been on the fence about listing a home for sale? Whether buyers are local, domestic, or international, the highest volume of inventory sells in the first few months of the year.

Somewhere up north, it’s snowing. And while they may have enjoyed a white Christmas, buyers from the Northeast planning to head south start looking in January. Some look to South Florida because of favorable tax laws; others are buying second homes. Snowbirds generally have the luxury of taking their time to look because they don’t “need” to buy. Those looking early in the new year are hoping to have a Miami home secured for the following winter, planning visits to view property between January and April when our weather is most enjoyable.

If selling a home was a race, it’s worth coming in first. Many homeowners grappling with the idea of saying goodbye to a property wait until February to list. The reasons are numerous: it’s too soon after the holidays, it’s time to settle back into normal routines. Between committing to an agent, prepping the property, and getting it photographed, listing takes time. Do all the behind-the-scenes work immediately after the new year and target a mid-January list date to be the first one out of the gate. And remember, well-priced inventory is moving right now. Even the high season won’t forgive an inflated list price.

Jared Klein