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Pretty Pictures

When selling, the little details can make all the difference.

Anticipating the viewpoint of potential buyers is a key way to make sure your home sells quickly and easily. Make sure you’ve priced your house right. Stage it before you list it. Once it’s staged, your agent will know the right professional photographer to bring in to ensure your house is represented in the best possible light to the widest range of potential buyers.

Having the right photos is increasingly important in today’s tech-centric world. Most buyers’ first impression of your property will be through the photographs they pore over online as they do the research to find their perfect home. Serious buyers will check every little detail of the photos before they set up an in-person showing. So it’s crucial to represent every positive aspect of your property in images. They should be shot at a time of day that best flatters both the interior and exterior of the property.

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Make time to find the money shot to make a remarkable first impression; the front of the property may not always be the best. The other photos should showcase the positive visual aspects of the home and emphasize its most unique and compelling qualities. Striking views, interesting spaces, and distinctive furnishings should all make their way onto the internet to attract potential buyers. Avoid misrepresenting your property. If a buyer shows up in person to find that the fantastic view you’ve showcased is only visible if you climb up onto the roof, for example, the disappointment and sense of betrayal can be enough to sink their interest in the property almost immediately.

When preparing for the photo shoot, try to consider your home from a buyer’s point of view. It’s easy to overlook a property’s small idiosyncrasies that can be incredibly important from someone else’s perspective. One seller had a kitchen window that looked directly into a neighbor’s yard, just a few feet away. He had grown so used to it that he didn’t notice the apparent lack of privacy in one of the most functional and busy rooms in the house. Buyers who were otherwise in love with the property couldn’t help but imagine feeling like they’d be preparing and eating meals on TV, with their neighbors watching every episode. Working off the advice of his agents, this seller had planters put in the windows, effectively minimizing the view of the neighbor’s house. As a result of a seemingly minor yet important alteration, his house sold just two weeks later.

Jared Klein