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Moving to a new home, whether you’re renting or buying, is more than just acclimating to the physical space you live in. It’s learning the small things like the location of the grocery store and finding great restaurants nearby. Moving from another country intensifies those small things, 

and can be quite the challenge 

to navigate. 

The stability and safety of Ananda Lumertz’s family and the expansion of her family’s business brought her to The United States from Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil. Finding a new home on a new continent brought along several obstacles, but Ananda was determined to 

find her family their new place in the world. 

What were you looking for when you came to the U.S.? 

The most important thing was 

finding a good school for my children. I found American Heritage School through a friend who had moved to Florida from Brazil, and knew this was the right place to send my kids. This decision impacted the rest of my journey to The U.S. After finding a school, 

I searched for a home that would suit my family’s needs as well 

as commercial space for our 

family business. 

Can you walk us through the process of finding your rental? 

We met our real estate advisors, Flavia and Cintia, through American Heritage. They appealed to us because they were fellow Brazilians and also parents that understood the importance of family. We decided to rent before making a commitment to buy, and Flavia and Cintia helped us decide on Hawks Landing because it was close to the school and it had all the amenities I was looking for. 

Tell us about some of the challenges that you faced after arriving in the United States. 

Soon after my family and I arrived in the states, Hurricane Irma also arrived. I was not prepared to face an emergency of that magnitude while still trying to get my footing in a new country. Flavia and Cintia actually helped us so much during the preparation for the storm. They helped me keep my house safe and were there every step of the way during the evacuation. In fact, my husband was away on business during the hurricane, so I left Miami in the car with my three children. Flavia and Cintia checked in while on our drive to make sure we were doing okay. 

Along with their aid during the hurricane, the ladies helped me know the ins and outs of enrolling my children in their new school and assisted with orienting to and understanding American culture. We were fortunate to have found this duo to help us along the way. They didn’t stop at just finding us a home, they really helped us feel like we belong. 

Ananda and her family are becoming increasingly more comfortable with their new surroundings and are now actively seeking a more permanent home to buy in Miami, as well as expanding their thriving business. Follow along at @mommy.a3 on Instagram, where Ananda talks family, business, and lifestyle. 

If you’re interested in buying, selling, or renting, contact the Thormann + Caltabiano Group 

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