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Kemo Duddle spent years gaining experience and taking in art and architecture in London, Paris, and Milan before settling in Miami and founding his interior architecture firm, Kemo Design International. His time in Europe instilled a clear style and energy in his work, and it shows in his home. He decided it may be time for a change and enlisted the help of his neighbor and real estate agent, George Schechter, and George’s partner, Scot Drucker, to sell his home. We caught up with Kemo to learn about how his home reflects his personal style. 

What was the inspiration for the design of your home? 

The key word is home. Firstly, it has to be my home, to reflect me surrounded by my personal style and attachment and give me peace and comfort. A home should not be a showroom. I’m surrounded by items of monetary value mixed with those of memories and sentimental value. 

What are some themes we will find throughout the home? 

I love symmetry and mostly uncluttered lines of the design. I enjoy the imaginative forms of the Art Deco Period and its influence, which continues to be a big factor in today’s design. I also have a passion for doors, not just as a means of egress but as a piece of furniture complementing my design concepts. Doors can be an important architectural statement. Wherever I can rather than the standard mundane door, I install impressive handsome custom doors. They’ve become a signature in my design, perhaps a trademark.

Are you working on any passion projects? 

There is a growing rebirth of Art Deco around the world. Locating furniture with a pedigree is difficult if not impossible due to diminishing supply, so I designed and am launching my own door hardware collection inspired by the Deco period. They are elegant and truly needed in the market. 

What strategy did GSD use to market your home? 

I find Compass and GSD to be very focused. Their knowledge of the real estate market is evident and they demonstrated they know the clients who would be interested in my home. 

Tell us about an exciting new project. 

About a year ago Kemo Design International was awarded the design of the Indian Creek Country Club Dining Room and Oak room. It’s been a challenge but we enjoy working with the magnificent Miami landmark. We were also recently chosen to design the home of Coach Don and Mrs. Shula. This is such an honor, a true American Football hero. They have impeccable taste. 

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