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Luca Artioli, an Italian-born photographer with a vocation for light and poetry, journeyed to Miami Beach ten years ago. He left a career in finance and found inspiration in the lush landscape of South Florida. Having decided the time had come to embark on a new adventure, Luca listed his bright and energetic loft with Compass agents, Geane Brito and Liz Atlan. We caught up with him to learn more about his idyllic South of Fifth loft and the journey that brought him here.

How did you come to live in this property?

10 years ago a SoFi address was not as prestigious as it is now. I wanted to be here because it was far from the Miami Beach tourist itineraries, but close both to the bay and the beach. This property was new, safe, full of light. I felt very good vibes from the very first minute and bought it three days after I saw it.

What’s your favorite memory in your home?

Thousands of sunsets caressing my walls while I was creating new books and artistic projects.

What kind of people would love your space?

People that love light, design and art. People that love the freedom that this place gives, people that can understand how much passion I have put in creating a combination of art and design. My home became my own art gallery. One year during Basel, I hosted a reception and a friend invited a curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Well, he loved my art and 2 years later I was part of one of his exhibitions.

How did you get into photography?

I started to be a professional photographer when I saw how much an abstract view of nature affected positively my mood.

What does art mean to you?

For me, art should always instill a sense of wonder in people people and start a communication between the art and the soul of who is looking the art piece. For many, it is a form of investment - for others, art is only shapes of color that match more or less with your couch. Everybody lives art in a different way.

How did you meet your Compass agents?

Liz Atlan lives in my building - she and I share love of the Absolut loft and she know my art very well. She is very professional - with a great elegance and courtesy. I believe that this allows her to convey my loft’s artistic vibes, good energy, and love to the public.

So what’s next?

The world is big and I want to keep on traveling, creating and captivating people and my collectors with my work. At my age maybe it is better to travel light. I don’t need too many walls - I need to see beyond.

Take a break from the hectic art shows to enjoy an Italian gelato December 9, from 12-3pm at The Absolut Lofts. View Luca Artioli’s prints and tour this unique townhouse garden loft located in the area the NY Times calls “the height of luxury living.”

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