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Miami and Fort Lauderdale are known for homes with beautiful Bay, Ocean, and Intracoastal views. What are the main elements to consider when buying waterfront? Compass agent Bobby Jones, gives you the must-knows.


The top factor to consider when looking at waterfront properties is the elevation. It can come as a surprise to many out-of-state buyers that certain areas west of the coast are more prone to flooding than living directly on the water. When buying a newer home, the builders have likely already added two to three feet of dirt to mitigate potential flooding. The seawall and dock should also be examined. An average sea wall’s life span is twenty years. If a home requires a new or updated seawall, I factor in the cost when it is time to present an offer. Beyond the seawall, you’ll also want to ensure the dock is in good and safe condition. Check the wood for rotting, fallen or tilted pilings, and rust hazards. Surprisingly, some multi-million dollar estates have docks and seawalls that need major repairs or replacement. Planning on docking a boat? You’ll want to consider the depth of the water at low tide and any fixed bridges that may limit the type of boat you are able to dock. Want more information on waterfront homes? Call Bobby Jones, an avid boating enthusiast himself, who loves taking his clients to showings by sea.

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