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Neighborhood Guide: Coconut Grove

Discover the best of Miami's original neighborhood, courtesy of Compass agent, Dominique Duque.

Coconut Grove is Miami’s oldest neighborhood, and traces of the region’s colorful past can be found on every street corner. The entire area is blanketed in its signature tropical hammock wildlife, infusing it with greenery and ebullient natural beauty. Between bricks of coral and limestone, ivy-coated walls, plentiful shade, and architecture that shows off its history as a hippie commune in the 70s, it’s impossible to mistake for anywhere else.

The Grove,’ as it’s known to locals, is famous for both its downtown strip and the bayfront. Its downtown area features the soon-to-be-renovated CocoWalk shops, as well as a number of local bars, boutiques, and restaurants in the colorful surrounding blocks. Along the water, you’ll encounter one of Miami’s largest marinas and Peacock Park. Residents enjoy sailing and yachting, outdoor dining, strolling under the hammocks and a nightlife that’s awesome in its own little way. You can find them spending a day out on the water, docking their boat in the marina to enjoy a fresh seafood lunch, playing kickball at one of the many parks, and maybe capping of their day with a movie at Cinépolis. Coconut Grove is also home to the stunning Vizcaya Estate and Gardens, which features Spanish architecture and the most elaborate cultivated garden in the city. Many of the Grove’s houses typify classical South Florida style, with flat roofs designed for airflow and shade. The area’s newer mansions and larger homes are primarily located within gated areas and secluded corners. Older condos and reasonably-priced townhomes are situated around the downtown district, with a crop of new high-rises currently in development near the bay. Having closed 100+ transactions here in the last decade, Dominique lives and loves the Grove. Looking to find your next paradise?

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