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When two creatives purchased a home on Miami’s Venetian Islands, they put their diverse skill sets to use, culminating in a retreat melding relaxation and stimulation. For Rodman Primack, CCO of Design Miami, and his partner Rudy Weissenberg, a TV producer and real estate developer, it was important to curate an environment that was not only serene, but also able to entertain a revolving crowd of guests. 

Eventually, however, the couple was finding less time to spend in their cherished dwelling. They partnered with Compass Miami agent Geane Brito to find a new owner for their space. 

How did you come to live on this idyllic property? 

Rodman: About seven years ago, Rudy got the opportunity to work for a telenovela based in Miami. We both travel often, but when he got this position, it made sense to put down roots in the area — and when we saw this particular home, we could envision ourselves here. 

Two creatives living in the same house. How did your tastes align? 

Rodman: Our styles have actually developed together over time — we’ve been together for 20 years. My global design firm, RP Miller, is behind all of the intricate textiles in the home. Each room is a collection of art and pieces that fascinate us at the moment. 

How did you spend time in this South Florida space? 

Rodman: My company Design Miami throws several events over the course of the year, especially during the week of the ultra-contemporary art fair, Miami Beach Art Basel. During these annual gatherings, we’re hosting dinners or cocktail parties here every night with up to 100 people wining and dining from the kitchen to the garden 

Photo Credit: Mary Beth Koeth 

Photo Credit: Mary Beth Koeth 

Photo Credit: Mary Beth Koeth

Photo Credit: Mary Beth Koeth

How did you connect with your agent, Geane Brito? 

Rodman: We met when I staged another one of her homes. Her innovative, tenacious spirit stood out to me. And I was right in choosing to work with her— she literally broke a record with the sale of this home! With all this home’s charm, curved lines, and bright colors, our house fetched $768 per square foot — the highest price per square foot sold in the category in the last two years. 

What strategy did Geane focus on to market your home? 

Rodman: She had gorgeous photos and video of the home taken, and the buyer was drawn in by the pictures and styling from our online presence — she said she saw the photos and immediately made an appointment to see it on the very day it launched. 

During showings and open houses, Geane guided prospective buyers through the rooms as if it was an art gallery, taking the time to explain each piece and feature. She led people to understand how special the home is and found the perfect buyer, with just 50 days from the launch to the closing on April 20th. 

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