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Ask Compass with Mendel Fellig

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Digging into the intricacies of “For Sale by Owner” 

Selling your own home may sound easy and cost-efficient, but there are many details of home selling that can be extremely overwhelming. Over the course of my real estate career, I have seen multiple for sale by owner deals hit dead ends for various reasons. While in today’s world you can look almost anything up on Google, there are small but critical details that go into the successful negotiation of real estate transactions. 

Statistics show that when an owner tries to sell a home on their own, they receive less money on average. Owners tend to have an emotional attachment to their home, which gives them a different perspective than an outside source. An experienced agent is able to walk in with an unbiased view and bring out the best features of the house based on today’s design trends. 

Because an agent is fully immersed and trained in the industry, they have better insight on where the market is, what’s trending, and what works. Having the power of an established brokerage and experienced agent with marketing capabilities and technology behind them is a very valuable resource to a seller. Another perk? The agent’s network becomes your network. For example, I have connections with other trusted agents, attorneys, inspectors, surveyors, and general contractors who can give their professional insight. 

Interested in listing your home with an expert agent and Miami native? Give me a call. 

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