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Featured Stories

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#clientsofcompass Q&A

Learn about Kemo Duddle, who spent years gaining experience and taking in art and architecture in London, Paris, and Milan before settling in Miami. He then founded his own interior architecture firm, Kemo Design International. We caught up with Kemo to learn about how his home reflects his personal style.

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#clientsofcompass Q&A

Luca Artioli, an Italian-born photographer with a vocation for light and poetry, journeyed to Miami Beach ten years ago. He left a career in finance and found inspiration in the lush landscape of South Florida. With the help of his trusty agents Geane Brito and Liz Atlan Luca enlisted his home and was ready for his next adventure.

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ask compass

What are the details that go into marketing a home?

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your guide to Art Basel

Since 2002, art aficionados and high-end galleries from around the world have flocked to Miami for the annual Art Basel event. Lourdes Gutierrez has your itinerary for the weekend you won’t want to miss.

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neighborhood experts

Get the inside scoop from our trusted advisors on what makes our local neighborhoods great

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How's the market

Knowledge is power. Explore current market activity directly from five of our resident experts.