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Featured Stories


What Does The Future Hold?

Today, global real estate is worth an estimated $217 trillion, with residential real estate comprising about 75% of that total. Real estate creates jobs, runs local economies, causes recessions. It is a huge economic sector. Technology has already begun to revolutionize other significant business sectors. Amazon, Uber, Google, Airbnb are all tech companies that redefined their industry.  


Step Into the Sun

On the Up and Up: Solar Energy

With 2018 just days away, the future is staring us in the face. New Year’s Resolutions will be written, commitments will be made - each ending ushers in a new beginning. January symbolizes a chance to make improvements. Several cities in South Florida are dipping their toes into sustainability efforts such as solar energy, aiming to turn over a new, perhaps greener, leaf. 

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It’s About That Time

Three Reasons Why you Should List in January

Every season has its purpose. Holidays are for quality time with loved ones and some well-deserved relaxation. With January around the corner comes an entirely different season: the time to sell or buy property. It’s a symbolic fresh start for those thinking about pulling the trigger to buy. Been on the fence about listing a home for sale? Whether buyers are local, domestic, or international, the highest volume of inventory sells in the first few months of the year. 

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Now What?

5 reasons why your home didn’t sell this year

Frustrating. If there was a single word to describe the experience of listing your home for sale, only for it to sit stagnant on the market, it would be frustrating. It’s in our nature to feel connected to our dwellings - with this connection comes defensiveness, “My home should sell…” The good news is, frustration and lack of movement is confirmation that there’s a problem, and the problem is not unique to you.


A Place for Everyone

Yitzhak Rivero’s True Passion Lies Beyond the Homes he Flips

Yitzhak Rivero’s vision of home stretches beyond traditional physical comforts. Home means stability, safety, and most importantly, sanctuary. While he flips high-end houses in neighborhoods spanning from Miami Beach to Shenandoah, his life’s work rests in Three Hearts ADT, a collection of group homes he founded as a refuge for mentally challenged adults.