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Q&A #ClientsOfCompass

Q&A #ClientsOfCompass





Paulette, a long-time South Florida resident, was looking for the perfect place to call home. After selling her home and moving to a rental apartment in Coconut Grove, Paulette decided to work with Bea Citron to find her brand new home in the sky.


What was most important

to you when looking for

your perfect living space?

A new, elegant building with an unobstructed view of Biscayne Bay, at an "affordable" price, an open floor plan with a minimum of three full bedrooms, lots of amenities (pool, spa, kids room and restaurant) and a gas range.

At Compass, our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. Can you speak about your experience working with Bea and Compass to find your home?

I moved into a rental apartment over four years ago and knew that I wanted to purchase my own apartment. Originally, I moved into the rental to see how I would like apartment living after being a homeowner for 35 years. I met Bea about three years ago. She showed me a large number of apartments in a few different buildings. None of them were right. Bea NEVER gave up. She is the most knowledgeable, experienced, patient, loving and caring person. Bea kept reminding me that finding a home "is a process," especially when I became impatient. She always arrived on time for our appointments and conducted our transactions with the utmost integrity, respect and professionalism. Bea was interested in finding the 'right home' for me. Working in real estate for Bea is more than a job. It's a loving realtor-client relationship, a strong desire to identify a person's particular need in order to help make her clients' dreams come true. Bea surely helped me fulfill my dreams and wishes! The Compass platform was instrumental in helping Bea to facilitate the process of purchasing a waterfront condo and to finally close the deal.

It was a pleasure to work with such a professional realtor and friendly real-estate office.

I am looking forward to a beautifully appointed home and a relaxing atmosphere for myself and my family.
— Paulette

Tell us about your interest in purchasing a pre-construction home.

I was not planning on purchasing a pre-construction apartment but after I saw the recently-completed Two Park Grove, I knew that One Park Grove—still under construction —would be even nicer.

What do you love most about your new home at Park Grove?

I am looking forward to a beautifully appointed home and a relaxing atmosphere for myself and my family.

Why Coconut Grove? Did you consider any other neighborhoods?

I like Coconut Grove a great deal and always have. It is so conveniently close to Brickell City Center, The Arsht Center and South Beach. I did not consider any other neighborhoods. I am looking forward to walking "into town" for dinner, a movie or just a stroll.

Coconut Grove, Miami’s oldest city, is mounting a comeback right now, is there anything you’re particularly excited about?

I am very excited to see Cocowalk with all of its new shops, the new Mr C Hotel in the heart of the Grove, and all of the new shops and restaurants that the new buildings will bring to the Downtown Grove Community. I hope that Coconut Grove will grow into an even better version of itself.


If you're looking for a similar real estate experience, reach out to Bea to start the process.

Bea Citron