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Q&A #ClientsOfCompass Madeleine Romanello

Q&A #ClientsOfCompass Madeleine Romanello



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with Madeleine Romanello

When two creative souls purchased a Mediterranean home in Miami Shores, they put their diverse skill sets to use to transform the space into a modern Mid-century retreat. For Mark Dean, an art dealer from NYC and the owner of DEAN PROJECT art gallery, and Alberto Moreno, a psychotherapist from Havana, Cuba, it was important to create an environment that was both serene and perfect for entertaining.

The couple, along with their golden retriever named Milly, is now preparing to move back to NYC, where Mark will continue to exhibit art and Alberto will begin work on his doctorate. They partnered with Compass Miami agent Madeleine Romanello – who first sold them this home – to find a new owner for the space.


Your home underwent an

extensive remodel. What

was the inspiration behind

your home renovations? 

We knew the great potential for this home as soon as we stepped inside. Our goal was to tie together all of the elements added to the house over the years, since the 1940s, to bring rhythm and equilibrium to the home. The cement deco blocks that divide the main rooms – these are everywhere in Cuba and we loved that the blocks allow sunlight and views to pass. For the pool and grounds we wanted a gorgeous, green, and lush private oasis. We planted a 20’ seagrape tree to begin our landscaping journey around the entire property. We definitely achieved our goal. It is a very grand yet peaceful house.


A lot is happening in Miami Shores. What do you love most about this area?

We feel that Miami Shores is the best area in Miami-Dade County. We can give you our top three reasons:

Safety: Miami Shores has its own police department. The Police know who lives here which makes for a safe sense of community. 

Golf Course: The Miami Shores Country Club is within close walking distance to our home. It is one of our favorite places to spend our free time.

Energy of Change: The homes in Miami Shores are being updated and the village is embracing improvement. There is a great energy in the Shores, which appealed to us as we are both from vibrant cities, but also a quiet privacy that provided us with the calm we were looking for. 


How was your experience working with Madeleine Romanello? 

We trust Madeleine implicitly – she worked with us when we bought the house and has been a great resource over these past 4 years – always available to help us from hurricane window recommendations to helping us understanding building codes that are very specific in the Shores. Choosing Madeleine to manage the sale of our home was an easy decision.